LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt. Experience

I still remember the date 20th June, 2020 when I first time heard the name of Vimal Sir from one of my friend Rahul. He insisted me to join Hybrid Multi-Cloud Training under Vimal Sir. Frankly speaking, I thought this course will be the same as boring as other Udemy or Coursera courses. But afterward what happened was a miracle within the first 5 days of training I became a fan of Vimal Sir and his way of explaining the concepts. From that day I decided to take part in each and every program of Vimal Sir.

Vimal Sir provided all the students of Hybrid Multi-Cloud, Amazon EKS program for free. He is one of the guys who really cares for the students and wants to make them future-ready. Now, I can confidently say that I know these technologies in depth. I feel lucky to have a mentor like Vimal Daga Sir.

At last, I also want to thanks LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt and its team.

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